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Kate Blecher 

Certified Hypnotherapist, Member of IACT (International Association of Counselors and Therapists)

Owner/Founder of Kate's Holistic Healing*


Kate holds an undergraduate degree from Barnard College, Columbia University (1981) in Economics and was certified as a Professional Hypnotherapist (2013) from IACT (International Association of Counselors and Therapists). These two seemingly diverse careers occurred during her 30 plus years of immersion and ongoing exploration of self-hypnosis, and by connecting to and recording messages from her spirit guide.


Kate began a career on Wall Street as a security analyst in 1981 at Oppenheimer & Co, Inc. Forever curious, she excelled at researching data, interviewing senior bank management, estimating earnings and providing the brokerage firm’s investment options for the major U.S. banks. Within three years she was a Vice President and Senior Security Analyst and worked at numerous brokerage firms over her long, illustrious career. Kate was among the top financial services analysts in the country and was named a Wall Street Journal All-Star Analyst.


In her most recent work before retirement, Kate was a Deputy Manager at Brown Brothers Harriman & C0. and a Managing Director at Sandler O’Neill Partners, LP. She retired at age 40, less than a month before 9/11/01, the day of the September attacks, where she worked at Two World Trade Center, 104 Floor, and where 68 of her co-workers perished and transitioned on.


While Kate adored the work, the long hours and constant travel took a toll on her physical body. Wherein she entered her second career--professional patient. She excelled in this field as well, picking up over 40 medical titles (diseases/conditions.) Working with her guides, and other master healers, Kate further expanded and honed her healing skills, easily flowing through four terminal conditions.


In 2003, Kate founded Kate's Holistic Healing of New York.* As a certified hypnotherapist, she works with an adult population. Her area of expertise is working with adults who have acute/chronic medical and emotional conditions. Through hypnotherapy, clients are taught to use their own bodies' natural power to heal. Hypnotherapy is simply a miraculous, natural way to return the body to its proper healthy state with only positive side effects.


Areas of Expertise:

  • Hypnosis

  • Hypnotherapy

  • Acute/Chronic Medical Conditions

  • Depression

  • Fear

  • Anxiety/Stress

  • Pain

  • Self-Esteem

  • Regression

  • Connecting to One's Spirit Guide(s)


Kate is a born and bred New Yorker. She remains in the borough living with her wonderful husband, Tony, and their cat. Her life’s path has been to learn, teach and help others. She loves the energy created when working with clients, and when communicating with her Spirit Guide Costada, and reintroducing clients to their “guides.” In recent years she has been channeling messages for herself as well as others from the Acturians.


Kate has always been a writer. She is very excited to publish Journey into Healing (forthcoming in 2017), a follow-up book to Journey into Knowledge (2016). 








Heather Zicko, C.Ht.

Partner, Kate's Holistic Healing & Certified Hypnotherapist

Specializing in programs for Creative Artists & Hypno-Coaching


Hypnotherapist to the open, analytical and even cynical-minded... Once a cynic, Heather only turned to hypnosis after trying traditional therapy, self-help books, yoga, meditation and other manifestations of spiritual practices. Hypnosis has since helped her overcome depression, anxiety and continues to afford her the open mind necessary to enjoy and appreciate her life in the moment  rather than living in the past or future. Heather found assurance from mentors, Franka Fiala & Sylvia Moran most inspiring when she was starting out, "You don't need to believe for it to work."  This allowed her to let down her guard and allow it to simply work.  And it continues to work - not only for her, but for those she is fortunate enough to work with.


Heather's background is primarily in the film industry, although a peek at her LinkedIn profile will show that she's been somewhat of a serial entrepreneur.  She's loved every bit of it, but her greatest joy has been having her kids and being a mother to them with all its ups and downs and left and rights.  Hypno-coaching provides Heather the freedom and flexibility to live the life she has always wanted as well as the privilege to guide others to open the portal to their own potential.  For more about Heather, please visit 








Filippa Petruccelli

Healer, Reiki Practitioner, Wellness Coach, Registered Nurse


Filippa started her path as a healer when she was 19 yrs old in Nursing school at Northeastern University. Filippa has a Bachelor's of Science in Nursing and has been a practicing registered nurse since 2008.  She is currently a visiting nurse in NYC. Filippa is presently receiving her Masters Degree at NYU to become an Adult/Geriatric Nurse Practitioner. Filippa has studied various alternative therapies and is also a Reiki practitioner and has studied traditional Inca Medicine since 2006, has completed an Inca Medicine Wheel and has visited Peru twice with the guidance of Denise Kinch to gain a deeper understanding of mountain and plant medicine. Filippa utilizes her vast knowledge to assist clients with learning how to facilitate their own healing of mind, body and spirit.


Filippa provides a safe and compassionate environment to allow her clients the space to heal at their own pace while gaining a deeper connection with their own self. Filippa believes that practitioners of all fields should be constantly working on healing themselves in order to provide the best possible care for their clients. Filippa does this for herself by having her own yoga, Reiki and meditation practice by eating a balanced plant based diet, and visits her doctors and other practitioners regularly so that she may continue to be of optimal health so that she may better serve her clients.








Lawrence Galante

Homeopathy, Hypnosis, Tai Chi, Chi Kung


Mr. Galante is perhaps best known as the author of "Tai Chi, the Supreme Ultimate," a classic text used by Tai Chi students throughout the world. He was a senior student of the great Tai Chi teacher Master Cheng Man-Ch'ing, in addition to other great teachers. All his books and DVDs for sale were created as instructional materials to bring these inspired teachings to as many people as possible and in a clear and accessible manor.  


In addition to martial arts, Mr. Galante has studied, taught, and practiced many healing arts for over 40 years and has a deep understanding of how these disciplines complement each other. As a result, in consultations and workshops he frequently uses more than one discipline depending on the needs of students and clients. 


Mr. Galante was also one of the founders, directors, and teachers of the Atlantic Academy of Classical Homeopathy, which offered classes and certification in homeopathy, as well as lectures by internationally renowned homeopaths. 


He is a Certified Instructor for the National Guild of Hypnotists, the International Association of Counselors and Therapists, and the National Association of Transpersonal Hypnotherapy and a member of the New York State Homeopathic Association and the American Polarity Therapy Association. In addition, he is also a Certified Stress Management Consultant. 


Recently, Mr. Galante had the honor of accepting two prestigious awards at the National Guild Of Hypnotists (NGH) National Convention in Marlborough, MA. The first is the President's Award which is awarded for invaluable contributions to the success of the Guild, an award he shares with his colleague Dorothy Kerzner.


The other award is the Order of Braid, named for Dr. James Braid, considered by many to be the "father of modern hypnotism" who adopted the term "hypnotism" to describe his work. Mr. Galante is deeply honored to share this award with the other council members and continues to work with his talented colleagues to spread the word about the benefits of hypnosis.








Jeffrey D. Rose, C.H.

Clinical Hypnotist and Nutritionist 


Jeffrey Rose, the founder and director of the Advanced Hypnosis Center is a Certified Master Hypnotist and a nutritionist. Mr. Rose has a degree in Psychology from New York University and is certified by both the National Guild of Hypnotists and the International Association of Counselors and Therapists. He has over 15 years of experience in conducting individual hypnosis sessions, delivering group sessions, and teaching workshops as well as corporate wellness programs in the New York area and throughout the country.


At the Advanced Hypnosis Center Jeffrey Rose specializes in the use of hypnosis to help people identify old, ineffective patterns to replace them with healthier habits to enhance their self-image and self-confidence, which has made him “New York City’s leading doctor-referred clinical hypnotherapist” (Promenade Magazine,2003.)


Mr. Rose incorporates an eclectic approach that includes Hypnosis, Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Nutritional Counseling and Life Coaching to achieve his results. He applies that modality which he believes will afford the greatest therapeutic benefits for the unique needs of his clients. Unlike some cold, unsympathetic medical professionals, Jeffrey is a warm, empathetic person who helps his clients achieve their goals more easily and comfortably than they ever imagined.


Jeffrey leads a healthy natural life that includes vigorous daily exercise, sufficient sleep and plenty of time spent in nature. He eats a pure Paleolithic diet; organic fruits and vegetables, seeds and nuts, wild fish, wild game and organic grass-fed meats. He has not consumed any processed sugar for 30 years and has no desire for it.


Jeffrey Rose has appeared and been featured in stories on hypnosis on WPIX New York "Dr. Steve Show," CBS' The Early Show, the CNNAmerican Morning news segment "Kick the Butt," the "Tyra Banks Show's, "Your Future Face," CBS News New York's "The Hypnosis Fix" and "Sleep Week," WNYC National Public Radio's "The Take Away" story "Can Hypnosis Help a Resolution's Resolve," and MNN2's, "Kate's Holistic Healing".


As a staff writer at Recover Magazine, the Lifestyle Magazine for “Anyone Living with Addiction,” Mr. Rose wrote articles on health and fitness. He is currently writing a book motivating and inspiring natural living. His articles have appeared in scientific journals including PCI Journal, the official journal of the Society of Dermatology & Skincare Specialists. Mr. Rose has been featured or quoted in Well and Good NYC's "Seeking Holistic Methods to Quit Smoking." Men’s Vogue, Exhale/Inhale Magazine, “NYC & Hampton’s Guide to Fitness, Beauty and Wellness,” Palm Beach Society and New York’s Promenade Magazine.


The New York Public Research Group (NYPIRG) presented Jeffrey Rose with an award for his 10 years of dedicated service in the public interest. Mr. Rose is the co-leaderof the Weston A. Price Foundation Rockland County Chapter. He advises the New York Coalition for Healthy School Food and supports the Campaign for Commercial-Free Childhood. He isalso a passionate environmentalist.







Ron NaVarre

Founder and President of Stress Defense Inc.


Ron has over forty years of Martial Art training in the disciplines of Moo Duk Kwan Tang Soo Do, CHung Do Kwan Tae Kwan Do, Hapkido, Aikido and Tai Chi Chuan. In the Healing Arts, Ron has thirty years of study and practice in Shiatsu and Tui Na massage, Chi Qong, Yoga and meditation. He has taught STRESS DEFENSE seminars at Prudential Securities, Columbia University, The Smithers Center for Alcoholism, The Pacific Institute of Oriental Medicine, The Dorot Center for Senior Citizens, The Regent Hospital Drug Rehabilitation Division, The American Academy of Dramatic Arts, The Mattel Corporation, The Girl Scouts of America and The New York Real-Estate Association in Manhattan. Ron has been featured on the Discovery Channel, Free Spirit Magazine's Health and Fitness Forum and Attitude Magazine. As an adjunct professor Ron has taught at Fordham University at Lincoln Center, New York University through the Lee Strasberg Theater Institute and the Pacific Institute for Oriental Medicine. Ron is currently teaching Tai Chi and Qi Qong and holds a private practice as an energetic healer and spiritual counselor. He can be contacted through his website








Edwin Canas

Licensed massage therapist/Thai massage
Stress management, wellness and mindfulness trainer


Edwin Canas has been a licensed massage therapist in New York City since 1999.  Certified Thai Yoga practitioner, Qi healer, Pilates instructor, Martial arts teacher in various styles, stress management, wellness and body/mind empowering trainer. He has dedicated his life to be better himself personally and professionally.  He has a deep passion for learning the art of living at an optimal level and sharing that knowledge with others.

His work focuses on the relaxation state.  According to him, it is here that healing takes place and on unifying the body physically, mentally and spiritually so people can live more wholly.  Edwin explains, when our body is wholly, we are able to live better, happier, healthier and more fully.  He says "Wholly" means healthy, unify, complete, in homeostasis and in harmony.  That is one of his major goals to live life in this state of wholeness as well as guide his clients on this path by teaching and sharing with them the essential wisdoms, he has learned from his beloved teachers and by gathering insight direct knowledge through the many years of practice in the arts of movement, alignment, breath, relaxation and healing.

He has developed, his own unique approach to healing the body by realizing how martial arts, mindfulness and sensitivity training so naturally enhance his talent to heal the body.  His system is influenced by Tai Chi principles and Zen meditative awareness.  By being fully present he is able to tap into the body's energetic rhythm and have a "conversation " with it.  Edwin says using the skill of "listening power" he is able to hear what your body needs and assist your body's own healing abilities.

He works in NYC.  He has worked with people from all walks of life and successfully helped relief sciatica, low back pain, frozen shoulder, anxiety, fatigue, headaches, repetitive use syndromes and stress.

Some of his clients being Donatella Versace, Eva Mendez, America Ferrera, Neil Patrick Harris, and the connoisseur in the wellness and spa industry Pete Ellis and his wife (owners of Spa Finder Magazine).  He also appeared in Fox 5 news "Stress Free Thursday" and mentioned as one of the best massage therapist in NYC. 

He organized a Spa party for the grand finale episode of " Ugly Betty" at the Waldorf Astoria hotel and worked events at fashion shows, hospitals, private parties, he also worked with athletes and marathon runners to helped prevent injuries and maximize performance.

Edwin Canas sees healing as a science and an art form.  His deep understanding of the connective tissue and how is related to pain and his ability to "listen" plus many years of experience in the healing and wellness arts provide him with the skills necessary to express his work through his hands, mind and breath.

He loves what he does and welcomes any body who takes steps towards healing and who's priority in life is to maintain their most valuable treasure which is health and enhance their over all quality of life.







Rebecca Baer, RD CDN

Registered Dietitian & Certified Dietitian-Nutritionist


Rebecca Baer is a registered dietitian and a certified dietitian-nutritionist in the state of New York. She obtained her Bachelor’s of Science degree in dietetics from Georgia State University in 2006, and fulfilled her dietetic internship at Hunter College CUNY.

Rebecca is the owner and founder of Baer Nutrition, specializing in weight loss and weight management.

Rebecca has an extensive background in clinical nutrition, food service systems management, and community and public health nutrition. Her exposure to diverse patient populations allowed Rebecca to gain knowledge and practice applicable to multiple facets in the nutrition field. She also counsels clients with a variety of nutrition goals including diabetes prevention, gastrointestinal disorders and cardiovascular disease.

Her passion for nutrition expands beyond her counseling work. Rebecca enjoys creating custom menus and recipes for her clients as well as giving cooking lessons..


Rebecca is a member of the American Dietetic Association and the Greater New York Dietetic Association. She heightens her involvement in the nutrition community by being involved in a variety of member interest groups including: Dietitians in Business and Communications, Food and Culinary Professionals, Nutrition Entrepreneurs, Pediatric Nutrition, Weight Management, and Women’s Health Community Group.







Tim Chambers, LAc, LMT, MSOM

Founder of Strategic Healing




To create whole health through integration and balance of the four main aspects of self - Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual. The intended result being greater health and the ability to influence the world in a positive way.


All care begins with the client's needs. By listening to them, I customize a treatment plan to achieve the clients' goals. Treatment plans may include a combination of modalities chosen for each specific client. These include Chinese herbs, Essential Oils, Acupuncture, Qi Gong, Myofascial & Deep Tissue Massage, Counseling and Visual Medium Energetic Readings, 


It is important to participate in your own healing process. To sustain the effect of an office visit,  you are empowered with home, self-care tools and techniques. These include physical exercises, topical patches and liniments, Chinese herbs and essential oils, spirit-level mental affirmations, visualizations and breathing, and/or emotionally harmonizing exercises. The stronger your commitment to these self-care treatments, the greater benefit you will receive.



  • Acupuncture - New York State

  • Massage Therapy - New York State

  • Ordained Minister - Science Of Light, New York State


Degrees & Certifications:

  • MSOM, Masters of Science Oriental Medicine - Tri State College of Acupuncture, NYC

  • Massage Therapy - Graduate, Swedish Institute of Massage, nyc

  • Wan's 3E Acupuncture Level 2

  • Certified Qi Gong Healer - Robert Peng, Qi Gong Master

  • Certified Myofascial Therapist, in progress - Carrie Taylor, Swedish Institute of Massage Therapy

  • Reiki Master - Belinda Hymus, Reiki Master

  • Light Ascension Therapist - Robert Baker, Children of Light

  • Deep Tissue Massage, Core Technique - Garnet Dupuis, certified rolfer 

  • Certified Spiritual Counselor - Science of Light, Temple of the Revelation of Evolved Christianity








Laura Rose, CHC (Certified Health Counselor)


Laura has invested years in formal and personal research, learning about human motivations to health and lifestyle changes. Laura is a researcher, analytical logistics expert and an intuitive, which makes to provide a unique approach to assisting clients to improve health on all plains- emotional, spiritual, and physical. As an authority on honoring woman's rhythms, healing with food based cures, attachment parenting methods, environmental sustainability, and lifestyle motivation, Laura offers tailored one-on-one sessions, group workshops,and public speaking engagements as a keynote speaker and panel expert.  Laura is also the founder of a spiritual ministry whose focus is on promoting sustainable lifestyles and spiritual connection to the natural world. Her book is in the works for debut in 2017.








Ashley Adams

PR/Marketing, Assistant, Executive Assistant to the CEO


Ashley is a graduate from CUNY Baruch College with a Bachelor’s of Arts in Corporate Communications and English Literature. Ashley has been with Kate’s Holistic healing since its inception and is currently the Marketing and PR Assistant and is responsible for website maintenance and assisting the CEO. She is also currently editing Kate’s upcoming book We are All Connected/Love Wisdom: A 30 Year Dialogue with Michael/Costada, My Spirit Guide








Kenneth Leo, CCHt, CPMS



As a practicing Hypnotherapist for more than 30 years, Kenneth Leo is a Member of the National Guild of Hypnotists, and International Association of Counselors and Therapists and has specialized in Hypnotic Pain and Nausea Management and Control. Having received his Medical Pain Relief and Management Certification at the University Of New Mexico at Albuquerque.


Certified in Medical Pain Remediation and Management, Kenneth uses many techniques to provide relief to people with many different types of pain or discomfort from injury or illness to disease. Pain as most know it to be, is necessary for the body to gain the needed and focused attention to deal with the underlying causes. However given the proper physical care and remediation …the body and mind no longer need to interpret these signals as pain or even as important to the consciousness.









Elizabeth DeLaBarre

Certified in multiple Holistic Arts

Elizabeth DeLaBarre is Techniques Certified through the Upledger Institute, where she has studied CST, Zero Balancing, Visceral Manipulation, and Lymphatic Drainage since 1997.  She has also studied Biodynamic CranioSacral Therapy with Roger Gilchrist and Cranial Release Techniques (CRT).  She is a trained Somatic Movement Educator, having graduated from the practitioner program at the School for Body-Mind Centering in Amherst, MA.  In 2008, Elizabeth became an Infant Developmental Movement Educator through SBMC.  A Reiki Master in the Usui System, Elizabeth is also a Registered Yoga Teacher.  Her yoga teaching is influenced by her studies at the Iyengar Yoga Institute, BMC, and Continuum Movement.




*Kate's Holistic Healing, Inc. est 2013